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Recorders & Mixers

Aaton Cantar X3 Mini Dante - (14 inputs, 16 tracks)

Sound Devices 664 - (12 inputs, 12 tracks)





Schoeps CMC6 / Capsule MK41 (hypercardio) x 2

Schoeps CCM41  (hypercardio) x 2

Schoeps Minicmit (semi-canon)

Sennheiser MKH 8050 (hypercardio)

MS Schoeps CCM 41 / CCM 8

Sennheiser MKH 416

DPA 4060

DPA 6060

Sanken cos 11

Shure SM58





Lectrosonics SRC + Lectrosonics SSM's (1 Rx + 2 Tx)

Audio Limited A10 (1 Rx + 2 Tx)

Transmitters Sennheiser G4 500 Sma Mod x 2

6 IFB EK1039 + headphones




Booms and microphones accessories

Ambient QP4140

Ambient QP 580

Ambient QXS 550

CINELA Pianissimo


CINELA Cosi for Mkh8050 & Schoeps Minicmit

CINELA Zephyx for couple MS

Rain protection CINELA Kelly for Pianissimo

shockmounts OSIX & E-OSIX for microphones SCHOEPS & SENNHEISER





Full Tentacle Timecode Kit with all cables for all cameras x 3





Sound Devices 442 (4 inputs)





Custom Soundcart Mini

Video monitor BlackMagic Smartview Duo

Batteries Audioroot and distribution BGDH MK2

Distribution RF BSRF AS122

Antennas WISYCOM LFA directives & ADFA Omni Actives

divers pelicases for transportation

Rocknroller R12 All Terrain

Umbrellas Caperlans XL

Divers XLR 3 & XLR 5

C Stands Avengers

Grips accessories for sound




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